Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

This was my first introduction to Sophie Kinsella books, bought on a whim with a couple of other girlie books.  I can see why she is a popular author.  The story is engaging and the style of writing flows really easily - definitely a book you can relax with.  The basic concept of someone waking after an accident with amnesia with a vastly different life from the one they remember sets up a sequence of interesting and often amusing events.  This isn't a book that particularly engages with the devastation someone in this situation would experience - the amnesia is a device rather than an opportunity to explore the turmoil of not knowing anything about your current life.  If you can forgive that, it's an excellent read, full of self-discovery and romance.  Like a lot of modern women's fiction this story balances the flair of an entrepreneur with a life-loving romantic - and does so very well.  One for the beach.

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