Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Love Letters by Katie Fforde

Here's another Chick Lit book, but with a very different flavour - very definitely a romance this time.  Set amidst a world of book lovers and writers, with the plot focused on the creation of a small literary and music festival, the characters are appealing and the flow of the story is good.  I must admit to a certain amount of frustration with the main character, Laura, and her reactions to the situations she's put in - but in some ways that is part of the fascination with her story.  It's a bit like Persuasion by Jane Austen in that way, although Laura is constrained by shyness and naivety rather than social expectations and moral certainty.  All in all a very enjoyable read, relaxing and light hearted, with some laugh out loud moments and the odd tear (if you're the emotional type).
My only real criticism is that for a book set in the publishing world, with many references to excellence in writing, there are a lot of typos - at least I'm hoping they are typos - and occasionally some very awkward sentence structures.  I don't say that I'm an expert in these things by any means, but it jars when the main character is meant to be an expert on what makes a good book!  A sign of modern publishing practise, unfortunately, with fewer checks built into the process of production...

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