Sunday, 16 June 2013

Limits of Power by Elizabeth Moon

So, finally, I have a copy of book four of the Paladin's Legacy - which I blogged on a while back when I finished number three and discovered it wasn't a trilogy after all!  (Anyone with me that long ago?)
It's so lovely to slip back into a world that feels so familiar, back with those favourite characters.  I love Elizabeth Moon's books because somehow no matter how bleak the situation she creates there is always hope in the midst - the knowledge that however bad things may be it will all come together in a surprising but perfectly reasonable triumph for good.  Her main characters have a nobility that reassures me that however much I want to scream at the small mindedness of some of the lesser characters they will soon be put in their place in the way I wish I could in real life sometimes.
I was a little disappointed with this book, though, I must confess.  It feels in places as though she is trying to tie up some loose ends before she sets up the story for the climax in book five.  The confluence of events is manufactured at times and occasionally the same idea is put forward by different characters as if she's worried you'll miss the point.  Of course, there are lots of 'in places' 'at times' and 'occassionally' in most books, and overall the book is as enjoyable as all her other works - which I would highly recommend to anyone who likes SF or Fantasy.  I think perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I'd thought this was the last one and it had taken me by surprise that it ended where it did - but then I think this time I would have seen that coming.  There is too much story obviously left to be told.  Looking forward to find out what happens next in a year's time.
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