Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace

I've not read a modern romance by a 'bloke' before and this one is really good!  To be fair, it's not really a romance - more a story of self-discovery, coming to terms with your strengths, recognising your mistakes and taking hold of life...  All that makes the book sound a bit boring, I'll admit, but it is remarkably readable and funny.  The pace is good and the characters are incredibly ordinary and engaging.  You have mystery (the plot revolves around the main character's attempts to track down a girl who accidentally leaves a disposable camera with him), friendship (between a diverse group of characters) and humour (the self-deprecating kind with an occasional moment that may make you laugh out loud).
The first couple of pages really grabbed my attention, but then it slowed down a bit for some reason towards the end of the first chapter.  However, make it to chapter two and the rest of the book is well worth the effort.  Enjoy.

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