Saturday, 16 February 2013

Matthew Reilly - Seven Ancient Wonders

Matthew Reilly is one of those authors who writes pure adrenalin action, with the basic premise - "How shall we save the world today?"  This series is no different.  The action is the driving force of the story but he doesn't loose the characters, managing to give you just enough information about each of his main protagonists to round them out, without readers having to know their life history and what they like for breakfast.
With a nod to Dan Brown and films like National Treasure, this first novel in the series has a group of 'minow nations' sending a select team of military and archaeological experts against the USA and Europe in a race to find pieces of a golden capstone that can either avert an environmental disaster or give immense power to the victor.
This isn't a book to read if you are at all sensitive about accusations of occult activity in Freemasonry or Catholicism, but for most people it's a good fun read that should leave you guessing and ultimately always expecting a miracle escape!
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