Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Phoenix Conspiracy - Richard Sanders

Another free book download for you - The Phoenix Conspiracy is an excellent space based SF novel available from ibooks and Amazon Kindle.  It's the first in the series and the second and third, which are available now, will cost you a few pounds on Kindle - but is almost certainly worth it.
The story follows the captain of a stealthed intelligence ship who is ordered to track down a rogue military Captain and his ship.  Obsessed with understanding why the Captain went rogue, things soon develop into an intriguing story of conflict, conspiracy and personal struggle.
The pace of the story is excellent.  Sanders gives you all the information you need to understand the society, the scenery and the characters but without overloading the action.  For a 'free book' it is exceptionally well written - almost certainly it has benefited from the kind of professional editing which so many of these books lack.  Certainly entertaining and occasionally thought-provoking, although it does seem to be missing the level of military strategy and dynamism you'd get from an author like Elizabeth Moon.

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