Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams

A bit of a departure from my usual genres takes me into Chick-Lit territory, somewhere I rarely venture but find more and more I enjoy - within certain parametres. Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams by Jenny Colgan is certainly an easy going read, a good strong plot without being overly complicated and characters you want to spend some relaxed time with.  Looking at some of the other titles by Jenny Colgan, I'm not I'd enjoy them as much - but then Blurbs can be highly deceptive.  For style of writing, I would enjoy reading more of her books, but I'm not sure if the setting - a small village community in Derbyshire - is actually the main reason I found the book entertaining.  There is a lightness of touch in the development of the story - and the romance - that is definitely appealing and a deep sympathy with the characters and their situation that made it unputdownable for me.  The weaving together of the two stories of two women in different eras (WW2 and modern) is done very well and enhance each other.
The love scenes are subtle and the swearing of characters feels appropriate although there is a fair amount of strong language to watch out for if you don't like that sort of thing.
If you like sweets - old fashioned or modern - there is plenty in here to make you raid your snack cupboard while reading, and if you're really adventurous there are several recipes included for things like Tablet which you might like to make once you've been able to put the story down.
So, worth a try if you feel like a light romance and life story.  I shall have to try another of Jenny Colgan's books to know if she'll become a favourite author.

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