Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Invasion by DC Alden (Abridged or not Abridged!)

This is a difficult book to review, as the recent revised edition published in 2011 is massively abridged compared to the original published in 2006 - a difference of about 300 pages.  Simply put, the plot explores a violent take over of Europe by Islamic powers and the rebellion against that rule.  In the newer version many of the explanatory side stories have been removed leaving the novel lacking dimension, although the story itself is still excellent.
A military thriller, it's not a story for the faint-hearted or overly paranoid.  The politics are very current, and considering the original was written in 2006 it is surprisingly predictive of events of the last few years - albeit projecting them further into the future.
All in all, if you intend to give the book a try, we'd advise you to track down one of the original versions (about 660 pages long).  You will be missing out on a great book if you only read the new edition.

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