Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What's your favourite Biography?

The local book club this week is looking at everyone's favourite auto / biographies.  It will be interesting to see what different people choose.  It's not one of the areas of books that I often dip into - I should pick them up more often, though, since I do really enjoy them.
My favourite biography of all time is No Compromise by Melody Green, about her husband Keith Green who was a singer/songwriter during the 60s & 70s.  He lived 'no compromise', specifically in his Christian faith - standing against any form of hypocrisy.  His songs have intense lyrics and reflect his beliefs, actions and lifestyle.
I think if I was to attempt to pin down what I look for in a biography, it have to be 'valour'.  By that I mean someone overcoming adversity, their own shortcomings or standing against the prevailing negative attitudes and actions of their peers.
Any suggestions of stories like that?  Or what is your favourite biography?

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