Sunday, 4 November 2012

Read and read again!

How many times can you read the same book, I wonder?  And how long do you have to leave it between reads for it to still feel fresh?  I guess it depends on the book, really.  Some books are once only reads for me - something by Tom Clancy, perhaps or one of those girlie 'beach reads' which has no need of substance.  Most books, however, become old friends that I want to return to.  I think the main thing that makes a book 're-readable' for me is the characters.  I don't mind re-reading a book which had a thrilling mystery to it the first time since I like to remember and revisit how the characters dealt with the various crisis or mysteries the plot develops.
At the moment I'm re-reading the 'Vatta's War' series by my favourite author, Elizabeth Moon.  I've had to leave this one a while because I've read it quite often, (try eighteen months) but I've really enjoyed picking up that first book again, anticipating the twists and turns, rediscovering things I'd forgotten, and generally loving re-submerging in the universe and society that Elizabeth Moon creates.

What are your favourite stories to re-read?  I'd love to hear from anyone who reads this blog....

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