Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hay On Wye - The Welsh Book Town!

Went to Hay On Wye with the family today.  Not the easiest of places with children, although definitely worth a return trip with them and some pocket money to pick up all the books they wanted!  It's such an interesting little town, especially on a hot sunny day like today, when all the 'outdoor' bookshops were open, with their little 'honesty payment' boxes.  So many lovely old books, although in some places you're hard pressed to do anything but gaze in wonder at the bizarre collections of random titles and genres - definitely requires a good couple of hours of uninterupted browsing to find the right book (or all the books in a series!) in some places.  The Cinema Bookshop, however, is very well organised and has so many old and new books you're bound to find something.  We'll definitely be back when we have a house, have all our stuff back from it's 8000 mile journey and know whether we have any bookshelf space left!
However, H-O-W could definitely do with the treatment!

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