Sunday, 10 June 2012

Is Fantasy Fantastical?

I read a modern romance - Summer Daydreams - the other day and I was struck by the element of the fantastic within the story (I won't go into too much detail or I'll spoil it!).  As I've mentioned before I tend to read High Fantasy a lot. The interesting thing with true Fantasy is that it has to keep to the rules within the created world, and so there is an internal believability in what is happening, however unexpected or miraculous it may be.  I was taken aback to find that the same rule doesn't apply to 'real' fiction.  I always expect fiction set in the 'real' world to have to fit the rules of our world - if you do something in real life, certain consequences or results are inevitable.  But then I realised that fiction is just that - fiction, and the writer is free to break any rules they please.  However like the 'real' world their world may be, it is still their world.  Intriguing, and rather fun.

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