Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I am Reading... The Witness by Nora Roberts

In my continuing search for interesting books to put on the website, I have picked up The Witness by Nora Roberts from the Library.  I thought I'd just flick through it, but I'm finding it quite consuming.
At first I thought it was a who-dunnit style of Crime Thriller, which isn't really my thing, but I'm finding it to be much more like the TV series "In Plain Sight" which is about the US Witness Protection.  The style is really smooth and easy to read, and the characters come across as very real and vivid without having to go for the extensive descriptions that some writers seem to feel necessary.  It's not really the most hard hitting novel in the world, and I suspect that there are large holes in the WP systems described - But who cares.  It's an engaging story, entertaining, and not too gruesome!
I'll probably analyse it as 'good all round romp'!

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