Saturday, 9 June 2012

Books found while exploring new Genres

I've been on a voyage of discovery as I search for new books to put on the website.  I've always been a fairly hard and fast SF and Fantasy fan, usually uncomfortable picking up books outside of that safe zone.  In order to get a broad spectrum for our users, though, I've been venturing into genres and styles that are not my natural reading home.

And I find that I have missed out on some really good reads because of my narrow Genre focus.  To my amusement, I find that I really enjoy romantic Chick Lit, as long as there isn't too much about infidelity and broken relationships.  I have a taste for adventure and political Thrillers, although I skim read the really graphic violence - particularly anything by Matthew Reilly.  I have warmed to the more pastoral life story style, such as the Teacher series by Jack Sheffield.  I don't think I'll ever develop a liking for Murder & Organised Crime stories, although I do like the occassional Mystery, and I will always really hate Horror.

So all in all I am enjoying my journey beyond the realms of SF & Fantasy.  I'm looking forward to discovering more and I'm hoping that my website search options will give other people the courage to step out and explore with me.

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