Sunday, 24 June 2012

A Book for the Flight

We're off on Friday on a looooong haul flight, back home to the UK for good after several years in the Falkland Islands.  We've done the trips a few times now, and I know that, for me, a book is absolutely essential to survive the 18 hours with very little ability to sleep.

It has to be the right book - one that will engage my attention but not be too tiring to read or require too much brain power; it has to be one I can put down when one of the four children needs something, so nothing too exciting or I'll get frustrated; it has to be a smallish book - of course, that wouldn't be a problem if I'd got a Kindle, but I'm still a fan of the paper version - but it has to be long enough that I don't finish it before we land in the UK; and preferably, it has to be one I haven't read before.

This last point is perhaps the hardest when you live 8000 miles from a bookshop.  As I have to order my books with at least two weeks before I need them there is a great temptation to just read them as soon as they arrive.  I've already read one of the new books I was 'saving' for the flight.  Fortunately, I've been able to avoid reading the other one by raiding the local library to keep me going until we leave.  That's working well so far, though I'm going to have to finish them quickly, or I won't get to know the ending.

So, which book have I gone for?  I've chosen Teacher, Teacher! by Jack Shepherd.  I've already read the most recent book in the series, but I've decided to go back and start at the beginning - something you can actually do with this series of books about the head teacher of a small village school in Yorkshire.  I'm confident it's just what I need.

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