Friday, 8 June 2012

Another book finishes!!!

I settled down this evening to finish reading Echoes of Betrayal by Elizabeth Moon, book three of a trilogy, I thought.  It's a fantastic Epic Fantasy, full of heroism and inspiration, fast paced and complex, and best of all it's a sequel to another Trilogy set in the same world.  I prepared myself for that grief of the story ending, my right to live in that world ended until I start reading the series again. (A bit dramatic, but that's how it feels)   As the pages turned and I was carried along, jumping from subplot to subplot I started to wonder how she would tie up all those different threads in what looked like very few pages...  And then suddenly I realised - the book was ending and the story hadn't.  Ouch!  The next book isn't published yet and there are going to be another two!  That is an exciting discovery, but now I don't know what happens next.  Book Four isn't due out until June 2013.

Deep breath.  Time to start the series again, I think.
Or maybe I'll just try something completely different.

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